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Chiropractor Hip Adjustment: What You Need To Know

Liam Ray

If you’re in pain after an injury, one of the best ways to get relief is through chiropractor hip adjustment. Though chiropractic care in general has had its share of controversy, this practice is both low-risk and effective. Here’s what you need to know about chiropractor hip adjustment before you visit your local practitioner.

How It Works?

A chiropractor hip adjustment is a non-invasive procedure used to realign joint and cartilage in order to restore mobility. The process is quite simple; your doctor will make an adjustment with his or her hands, based on what he or she feels is needed. If you are uncomfortable with direct contact, you can always ask for a pillow to be placed between you and your chiropractor during an adjustment.

Is It Painful Or Not?

The hips are where a lot of your body’s weight is stored. Because of their weight-bearing responsibilities, they can take a beating and become stressed out or inflamed. A chiropractor hip adjustment helps relieve stress in your hips by changing their alignment and allowing them to function properly again. As long as you don’t have an existing health condition that makes chiropractic adjustments unsafe for you, it should be painless.

Is There Any Risk?

While most chiropractic adjustments are safe, there’s a small risk of injury. A vertebral artery dissection—an uncommon but serious tear in an artery that can affect blood flow to your brain—has been associated with neck manipulation, and there have been multiple reported cases in recent years. The general consensus is that these incidents may be due to undetected pre-existing conditions, but it’s important for patients and doctors alike to remain vigilant about any new symptoms or headaches following an adjustment.

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