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Is Seeing A Chiropractor While Pregnant Safe?

Liam Ray

If you’re pregnant, you might be wondering whether it’s safe to see a chiropractor during your pregnancy—and the answer may surprise you! Although many pregnant women experience back pain and other aches, the risk of seeing a chiropractor while pregnant—and still giving birth to a healthy baby—is fairly low. Here’s what to know about seeing a chiropractor while pregnant.

A Chiropractor Can Really Provide Relief

A growing body of research shows that chiropractic adjustments can be effective in reducing back pain during pregnancy. A 2008 study found that pregnant women who receive regular chiropractic care have reduced incidence of vomiting and nausea and better overall physical health than those receiving standard medical care. Other studies have shown that there are many benefits to seeing a chiropractor when you’re expecting, including quicker deliveries, fewer cesarean sections, shorter hospital stays for both mother and baby and less postpartum recovery time.

Different Spinal Adjustments During Pregnancy

Expectant mothers should be cautious about undergoing spinal adjustments during pregnancy. While many chiropractors and other practitioners of manual medicine will happily adjust pregnant patients, it is important for moms-to-be to recognize that certain adjustments are much riskier during pregnancy than at other times. These adjustments include rotational manipulations of vertebrae, high-velocity (or cracking) manipulations, thrusting manipulations, manipulation of cervical joints and sacroiliac joints.

How Much It Costs?

Similar to physical therapy, chiropractic treatments can vary greatly in price depending on who you visit. However, people often find that chiropractic adjustments are less expensive than many other options. If you’re looking for an affordable, safe and natural alternative to pain relief during pregnancy, ask your doctor if seeing a chiropractor is right for you.

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