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When Was Acupuncture Created?

Liam Ray

Acupuncture is a kind of alternative medicine and it belongs to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Basically, the therapist inserts thin needles into your body and this is how the treatment is done. People have been taking this treatment for years. It is considered one of the oldest traditional practices in Chinese Medicine. It came along with the moxibustion. Historians are of the opinion that it was in China where this therapy was originated. But, there are various conflicting theories regarding this. The exact date when the acupuncture was created has not been yet found. Anyway, the reference of this therapy has been found in various ancient texts. Many historians believe that this therapy was there even 100 BC ago. Historians found silver and gold needles in Liu Sheng’s tomb that is almost 100 BC old.

There is an alternative theory. According to some historians, people during the Neolithic period used acupuncture therapy. It is almost the end of the Stone Age. Anyway, the only difference is that they used to have sharp stones instead of needles. As per some ancient medical texts, people at that time believed that stones can cure illness if it is kept near to the surface of the body.

Acupuncture In Modern Era

Well, acupuncture means the insertion of the thin needles through the skin. Well, there are some strategic points where it is inserted. Generally, people take this treatment for better stress management. If you see the traditional perspective, it is quite different. According to Chinese medicine, this treatment is given in order to balance the life force or energy flow. Talking about the western practitioners, well, they believe that it is used to stimulate the connective tissue, muscles, and nerves. Some are of the opinion that this acupuncture therapy boosts the natural painkillers of the body.

Why Acupuncture Is Done

People take this therapy to get rid of certain types of physical discomfort. It includes


There are certain risks that are involved. These are as follows:

Bleeding Disorder

Well, there is a risk of having a bleeding disorder if this therapy is not given in a proper way.

Risks For Those People Who Have Pacemaker

Sometimes, light electrical pulses are applied through needles during acupuncture. If you have a pacemaker, it can affect the operation of that device.

As of now, you have understood when acupuncture was created. We hope that this will be informative for you.

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